Terms and conditions for Shell Bilvask

1. General terms

1.1  DCC Energi Mobility A/S, CVR no. 36 56 30 28, Nærum Hovedgade 8, 2850 Nærum (“DCC”) offers car wash services based on a membership of “Shell Bilvask”. When registering with Shell Bilvask, the terms and conditions below are accepted.

1.2 Shell Bilvask offers car wash services via license plate registration and use of the app, Shell Service App.

1.3 The customer can register his/her car including the license plate in the Shell Service App or via www.shellservice.dk. Immediately upon registration, an email confirmation is sent with the agreement entered into.

1.4 Membership of Shell Bilvask is attached to the registered car. Thus, on registration, the car’s license plate number must be entered. The registered car/license plate may be changed once every quarter, as a maximum. Changes to car/licence plate can be done by calling Shell Customer Service on 70 10 26 00.

1.5 When registering with Shell Bilvask, a car wash subscription must be taken out for the requested type of car wash, or car washes may be purchased individually and against payment.  Regardless whether a subscription has been taken out for a specific type of car wash, Shell Bilvask provides the opportunity of upgrading the car wash type against additional payment in each situation.

1.6 Not all Shell car wash facilities are comprised by Shell Bilvask. A list of the car wash facilities comprised at any time are available at www.shellservice.dk and in the Shell Service App.

2. Membership prerequisites

2.1 Membership can only be granted to legally competent private individuals who are 18 years old or more, or to legal persons. When registering on behalf of a legal person, it is guaranteed towards DCC that the required authorisation for taking out membership exists, including also to purchase single car washes or make upgrades.

2.2 Registration for Shell Bilvask requires that you have a valid payment card like e.g. Dankort, VISA or MasterCard, Shell Card Private or Shell Card Business. However, not all types of Shell Card Business may be used for Shell Bilvask. When registering a Shell Card Private or a Shell Card Business for Shell Bilvask, please refer to the terms and conditions in force at any time for such cards, including as regards liability, terms of payment, etc. The terms and conditions of Shell Card Private and Shell Card Business are available at www.shellservice.dk.

2.3 The registered payment card may be replaced by logging into your profile in the Shell Service App or at www.shellservice.dk

2.4 If the registered payment card is closed or blocked, your membership of Shell Bilvask will terminate automatically. Any prepaid subscription periods may, however, be used until their expiration date. Thus, if a payment card has been closed or blocked, it will not be possible to purchase car washes individually or to upgrade the car wash type.

2.5 It is not possible to set up a subscription for vehicles used for commercial passenger transport, including, but not limited to, taxis, demand responsive transport (in Danish: “flextrafik”), transport of disabled people and transport of pupils.

3. Shell Bilvask, including use of the car wash facilities

3.1 With Shell Bilvask, it is possible to take out a car wash subscription or to purchase car washes one by one.

3.2 When taking out a subscription for a specific type of case wash, you will have unlimited access to car wash in Shell’s car wash facilities with the registered car and license plate during opening hours for the carwash. A license plate recognition system will control the access to the car wash facilities. If a subscription has not been taken out, each car wash is paid for individually.

3.3 DCC will register the car and the membership at the car wash facilities by way of a license plate recognition system. As the membership is attached to a specific car and license plate, only the car registered together with the membership can be washed. If a subscription has been taken out for a specific type of wash, you will not pay for the car wash, unless you want a more expensive type of car wash. The upgrading price is stated in the Shell Bilvask App.

3.4 Use of car wash facilities

3.4.1 When using the car wash facilities, the customer accepts the general terms and recommendations of the car wash facility that are listed on a sign near the car wash facility. They must be fully complied with. The Shell Service App must be used to start the car wash.

4. Payment, invoicing, etc.

4.1 With Shell Bilvask, the member’s registered payment card is automatically charged for the car wash subscription, a single car wash purchased and/or any upgrades to the type of car wash.

4.2 Receipts can be seen in the Shell Service App or at www.shellservice.dk. If you are a customer with a Shell Card Private or a Shell Card Business, you may also receive your invoice in the way you usually receive your invoices.

4.3 By registering with Shell Bilvask and taking out a subscription, you accept a monthly prepayment of the membership. See, however, clause 11.1 on the right of cancellation.

4.4 The membership including subscription is paid monthly in advance on the first banking day of the month. For payment via Shell Card Private and Shell Card Business, the payment will follow the terms of payment agreed for such cards.

4.5 When purchasing a car wash without taking out a subscription, the amount payable is automatically withdrawn from the customer’s registered payment card on the last banking day of the month (Shell Card Private or Shell Card Business), or when the card is usually invoiced (other payment cards).

4.6 It is possible to upgrade your car wash at the payment station, if you want a different car wash program than the one included with the subscription. Any selected upgrades of your car wash are paid instantly or in connection with the monthly invoicing, depending on the attached payment card.

4.7 In case of any questions or objections regarding payment and invoicing, please contact DCC’s customer service by phone, +45 70 10 26 00.

5. Liability, security and misuse

5.1  Upon registration, you will be assigned a four-digit PIN code. The PIN code may subsequently be changed at www.shellservice.dk or in the Shell Bilvask App.

5.2 The PIN code is required for car washes if the license plate is not recognized by the system, or if the license plate recognition system is generally not working. In that case, the license plate and the password must be entered at the payment station according to the instructions specified in the payment station, in order to use the car wash membership.

5.3 The member is at any time responsible for keeping the PIN code confidential. The PIN code must never be stored in the vehicle.

5.4 Theft, misuse or suspicions thereof shall immediately be reported to the police and DCC by phone, +45 70 10 26 00. The subscription will then be closed, and the member may purchase a new product. However, DCC reserves the right not to grant a new subscription in case of misuse.

5.5 In case of misuse of the membership, you may be held liable towards DCC pursuant to the general provisions of Danish law. It is emphasized that a car wash subscription is attached to the registered car and its license plate. If the membership is misused to wash another car than the registered car, or to wash any non-approved vehicles, DCC may cancel the membership without any further notice, and DCC is entitled to charge an amount from the member’s registered payment card corresponding to the list price for the car wash and a violation fee of DKK 500 per car wash.

5.6  In general, please refer to the rules on liability in the Danish Act on Payments in force from time to time.

6. Amendment of terms and conditions, transfer of rights, etc.

6.1 Any amendment of these terms and conditions, including prices, must be notified with one month’s notice to expire at the end of a month, by email and in the Shell Service App and at www.shellservice.dk. Any minor amendments may, however, be notified solely at www.shellservice.dk and in the Shell Service App.

6.2 The member is considered to have accepted the amendments if the member uses the membership after expiry of the period of notice. If the amendments are not acceptable, this must be notified to DCC before the end of the period of notice, which will be considered a termination and cause the membership to terminate. See clause 7 regarding termination.

6.3 DCC may assign the entire agreement or parts thereof to a third party, or to another company in the DCC group, without requiring the customer’s consent.

7. Termination, cancellation, etc.

7.1 The customer may terminate his/her membership with one month’s notice to expire at the end of the next month. See, however, clause 11.1 on the right of cancellation for consumers.

7.2 You may withdraw from the subscription in your profile in the Shell Service App or at www.shellservice.dk, or by sending an email to [email protected].

7.3 DCC may, without notice, cancel or block the customer’s membership, if the customer gives rise thereto, including in case of non-payment, misuse or reasonable suspicion of unauthorised use.

7.4 Furthermore, DCC reserves the right to cancel a membership with immediate effect if the rules specified in the car wash facilities are not followed; if the member violates or in any other way tries to bypass these terms and conditions, for instance by washing another car than the registered car.

8. Service and breakdown of operations

8.1 In order to ensure a uniform and high quality and availability in our car wash facilities, regular maintenance and service is required. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that a car wash facility being part of the Shell Bilvask system is always available, or that the Shell Service App is always working. The car wash facility may be closed at certain times of the day, as well as it may be closed in connection with service, repairs or due to regulatory orders.

8.2 Breakdown of operations is inevitable and cannot be foreseen. DCC has entered into service agreements in order to minimize the number of such breakdowns. Furthermore, DCC aims to carry out maintenance and service during such times of the day where the car wash frequency is low.

8.3 No claims can be made for reduced payment of membership, damages, compensation or similar due to service or breakdown of operations in one or several car wash facilities, or any downtime in the Shell Service App.

9. Compensation, complaints and contact information

9.1 Complaints regarding car wash

9.1.1 Any objections and complaints regarding the car wash provided, including defective facilities, the quality of the car wash etc., must be reported immediately, either by using the car wash facility’s intercom system or by contacting customer service by phone at +45 70 10 26 00.

9.1.2 Please direct any other enquiries to DCC Energi Mobility A/S’s customer service by phone at +45 70 10 26 00. Any written communication must be sent to:

DCC Energi Mobility A/S
Att. Kundeservice Kort
Nærum Hovedgade 8
2850 Nærum
Email: [email protected]

10. Processing of your personal data

10.1 DCC is the data controller for the personal data processed by Shell Bilvask.

10.2 When you register with Shell Bilvask at www.shellservice.dk or in the Shell Service App, DCC processes a range of personal data about you, including your name, your contact information (address, email address and phone number) and your car’s license plate. Furthermore, DCC is processing information about your payment card, your subscription type and information about purchases and payments made via Shell Bilvask. Processing of such personal data is based on Article 6(1)(b) and/or (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation, as the processing of information is required in order to set up and manage your customer relationship with DCC in connection with your use of Shell Bilvask, including, among others, customer service, invoicing, checks for the purposes of spotting any misuse of your membership, marketing and statistics. All statistics and analysis will be anonymous and consequently do not include any information that may be attributed directly to you as a person.

10.3 DCC’s processing of payment information, i.e. information about the services you have purchased in Shell Bilvask, will be based on your explicit consent, cf. Section 125 of the Danish Payments Act.

When you register with Shell Bilvask, you furthermore consent to DCC processing payment information about you. DCC will use such payment information to provide you with an overview of your purchases in Shell Bilvask and to target the marketing in Shell Bilvask at you individually.

DCC’s processing of payment information is necessary in order for you to use Shell Bilvask. You may withdraw your consent to such processing by terminating your membership of Shell Bilvask, cf. clause 7.2 above.

10.4 When using the Shell Service App, DCC will collect location data about you. DCC need to know your location in order to start the car wash at the location where you are when using the Shell Service App. The processing of location data is based on Article 6(1)(b) and/or (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation, as the processing of information is necessary for allowing you to purchase a car wash via the Shell Service App.

Location data can furthermore be used to target our marketing to you based on your physical location and for statistics to be used for business development. The processing of location data for these purposes is based on Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation for the purposes of pursuing our legitimate interests in marketing relevant products and offers to you and to further develop our business based on our experience.

10.5 The data are stored and processed as long as your member profile is active at www.shellservice.dk or in the Shell Service App, and for a reasonable period thereafter – typically 6 months. If your name or other information is transferred to the invoice, this information is saved during the year when the order was placed and the following five years in order to comply with the requirements of the Danish Bookkeeping Act.

10.6 DCC will pass on the personal data processed in Shell Service App and www.shellservice.dk to a data processor, where the data is stored in secure servers.

10.7 Pursuant to the rules on data protection, you shall have the right to request DCC to obtain access to and rectify or erase your personal data. You are also entitled to request DCC to restrict the processing of your personal data, and to object against the processing. If you disagree with our processing of your personal data, you can contact us or lodge a complaint to The Danish Data Protection Agency.  

11. Special circumstances regarding consumers, including right of cancellation and complaint procedures

11.1 Right of cancellation

11.1.1 As it is defined in the Danish Consumer Contracts Act in force from time to time, consumers who have taken out a car wash subscription has a right of cancellation of fourteen days from the receipt of a written confirmation on the agreement, including these terms.

11.1.2 In order to exercise the right of cancellation, it must be invoked at the latest upon expiry of the fourteen days’ deadline. The right of cancellation may be exercised by email to: [email protected].

11.1.3 It is explicitly emphasized that the right of cancellation will lapse if the consumer uses the membership for car washing, even if this is within fourteen days from receipt of confirmation of the agreement.

11.2 Complaint procedures

11.2.1 Our customers are always welcome to contact our customer service in case of any complaints. Our customer service can be contacted as specified above in clause 9. Our customer service will process all enquiries as soon as possible and get back to you.

11.2.2 If we cannot reach a solution, consumers may lodge a complaint to the Center for Complaints Solutions (in Danish: Center for Klageløsning), Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, DK-8800 Viborg. A complaint may be lodged to the Center for Complaints Solutions via www.naevneneshus.dk. However, the Center for Complaints Solutions only processes complaints with a value from DKK 1,110.00 and up to DKK 100,000.00 unless it is a general or principled complaint. There is a fee related to lodging the complaint.

11.2.3        If you have purchased a product or a service online at www.shellservice.dk, the EU Commission’s online complaints portal can also be used for submitting a complaint. This is especially relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. Complaints may be lodged here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. When lodging a complaint, please specify our email address: [email protected].